1. BodiesBodiesBodies!

    2024-04-16 16:55:00 UTC

    For most of us, When we think about the issues of weight loss/gain, body image, body dysmorphia, e.t.c our minds automatically associate it with the female gender. Over the years we’ve come to realize that men, (granted not at the same rate as women) also deal with these issues. Like…

  2. Yes or Yes

    2024-02-07 01:06:07 UTC

    First of, the Last time I did valentine was six (damn) years ago. So please accept my sincere apologies for not knowing that you’re supposed to ask your girlfriend that you asked to be your girlfriend to be your valentine Its one of the many reasons why I feel very…


    2023-07-15 18:02:30 UTC

    A tribute to my late Grandma “Olori Sarah Ayoola Erinle” “OPOMULERO” (THE BINDING FORCE) If there’s one word that I believe sums up who MÀÁMI was, that is it. In everything she did family was always the driving force and the love she had for us was never ending. She…

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