Hey guys, Ayo here….I know you didn’t miss me. I didn’t miss you either so I guess we’re even.

Two of the biggest things I struggle with as an artist and as a person in general is consistency(or the lack of it) and being in a state of complacency. I know those are big words, so if you do not know their definitions, please look them up.

Complacency is a coin, It has two sides. I know people often attribute feeling complacent with being stagnant and not wanting more, but as much as that is true, complacency can also be viewed in a positive light. It can be viewed as stability, unwavering confidence in ones current level of talent and knowledge and satisfaction at that stage of life. You do not always have to be on the move, you do not need to always be thinking about the next step and going to the next stage. It is my strong believe that sometimes you just need to pause and enjoy your current state, enjoy that current situation or goal you worked hard to attain. Savor the moment. As an artist and a person I believe I have experienced both sides of this coin. The most important aspect of complacency is knowing on a personal level when to move and when to be still.

Consistency, my arch nemesis. Boy do I struggle with this a lot. It has always being difficult for me to incorporate consistency into my lifestyle, 2 seconds after starting something  and I do not see a result, I just abandon it.For example, I send one or two emails to the right person(s) with regards to my career and instead of doing it consistently, I just wait another 6months to email the next person. I need to be more consistent, not just in my creative process but in my general lifestyle. This is because I strongly believe that to be successful and to yield favorable results in regards to anything you’re doing, consistency is a key factor that you cannot replace.

While my words in the above paragraph about my lack of consistency is very true, Between mid July & Mid August this year, I challenged my self to go take a walk within a 4mile radius of my neighborhood and photograph a house with a car in the drive way. In the past I’ve never really cared for my iPhone camera, but making these images (which I’ve shared through this post) with my iPhone(x) and edited on vsco, gave me new appreciation for it as an extension of my tools as an artist.

Well thats all I have to say for now, hopefully you can learn one or two things from this piece. I’ll try my best not to go on another three months hiatus before sharing my thoughts with y’all again. Also someone tell Tim Cook to send me the new iPhone. Also Hire me and tell your bosses and companies to hire me. I live in London now but I am willing to travel as long as expenses are covered.  Thank you, God bless.


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