F*ck Love?

Oh Valentine, the supposed official day for lovers to celebrate each other. Rubbish!!!!!(lol jk), It should be a public holiday honestly.

It’s been four years since I last celebrated valentine with a partner(God have you forgotten your boy?), laughing but very serious. I think been able to love someone(people) in a romantic capacity is such a beautiful feeling that every individual should experience in their lifetime. Love is a strange, beautiful feeling that can’t always be put into words but you can try your best to express it in so many ways. 

Love is a beautiful thing, I Love love.

fxck Love

Opening yourself up to be loved or allowing yourself love in a romantic capacity can be very difficult especially after experiencing heart break. It requires a lot conscious effort to re-train your heart and mind to Love again and the crazy part is theres no guarantee you won’t get hurt again. 

“People go through life not knowing, not knowing what Love is, People go through life not showing, not showing what love is”.  I feel bad for whoever those people are. Everybody should have the freedom to experience love regardless of the societal groups and class they fall into.  Some beautiful couples allowed me to document a shared moment and honestly my heart was so full of joy that they let me into their personal space.

There are no universal rules when it comes to Love, the only rules that matter exist between the people involved in that relationship.Even though we are allowed to have personal preferences, Love should be able to exist outside our many superficial parameters. Love is an is an uncontrollable emotion but it is also a conscious choice. 

Love with all your heart because why do it at all if its not 100%. Love without fear. Enjoy the moments and document time spent with your loved one(s). Love grows and evolves with time so be open to learning new things about how to express it. 

I’m an hopeless romantic, I wear my heart on my sleeve . I love getting butterflies and feeling warm at the sight/thought of someone. I love finding out the little things that makes someone happy and trying my best to do it for them. I’ve grown and learnt so much since I was last in love, my perspective on love has evolved but this doesn’t mean that I know all there is to know about this complicated emotion. I’m forever a student of this beautiful game.

That been said, I’m ready to share my heart and space with someones daughter again. I’d love to be one of the people celebrating valentines with a partner next year. xoxo

Ps: If you’re reading this and you did not get your partner a gift for this one day because oh “everyday is supposed to be valentine”, close this and go buy something. 


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