A tribute to my late Grandma “Olori Sarah Ayoola Erinle”



If there’s one word that I believe sums up who MÀÁMI was, that is it.

In everything she did family was always the driving force and the love she had for us was never ending.

She had the perfect balance of scolding with one hand and pulling closer into her warm embrace with the other.

She made us all feel loved.

A woman so simple yet so complex. 

A woman so stern yet so gentle.

A woman respected and adored by all

Your elegance was rivaled by none.

I’ll never forget you 

starting your morning devotion with your fav song 

“Aanu ni mo bere o baba, 

aanu ni mo bere 

Awijare ma ko oo

Aanu ni mo bere”

I’ll never forget you always saying “remember the Child of whom you are”

I’ll never forget how to cook white rice to perfection because of you.

I was looking forward to coming home to give you a hug and taking your photos, but God had his own plans.

Maami you’re the glue that held us together as a family for so long and I know  that even now you’ll continue to keep watch over us from above as we carry on your legacy.

Rest Well grandma 



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