You’re now rocking with the SDC!, it’s the ShowDemCamp omo yes indeed!! 

Palmwine music festival is a live music experience curated and headlined by the Rap duo of Tec & Ghost known as ShowDemCamp. It also boasts a start studded cast of artists whom they have featured on their legacy albums palmwine music 1,2,3. Look around the hall of the Clapham grand and I spot at least 10 of the biggest Afrobeats artists all working together at the final soundcheck before the doors open. Each of them contributing knowledge on how to make things better. It was beautiful to witness. Managers, tour managers, sound engineers, set designers and all crew involved putting finishing touches to produce an amazing show

Ghost to sound engineers: “ Can we try one with the house”. 

I step outside and there’s a queue of fans at least a block long waiting to get in. Then the crowd gradually fills the hall of the sold out Clapham grand in London. Jollof, suya, chicken, small chops and of course palmwine was available for sale on location.

The hosts, DJ Niajaboy  as well as opening acts; Tolu(DontJealousMe), Ebunyele, Shaesuniverse and Garey Godson brought the vibes to prep the crowd for the main acts to take stage.

The cavemen & David Nsikak take the stage and as expected, it’s straight electric. The fusion of the drums,  bass & lead guitars, you just knew you were about to listen to some beautiful music.  It was an absolute vibe, if I do say so myself.

A few mins later, the show headliners(SDC) take to stage and waste no time getting into it.

“You’re now rocking with the SDC, it’s the ShowThemCamp omo yes indeed”.

The first song of the night is performed with so much energy and charisma from the rap duo and this sets the stage for the rest of the night.

As the night went along, they were joined on stage by , Tems, BOJ, Wurld, Tomi Agape, Moelogo, Amaarae, Ladipoe, Tay Iwar, Nonso Amadi, Lojay, Ajebutter, Bellah, Twelve & Falz.

Performing hit after hit, the crowd never dulled for a moment. If the crowd was not getting serenaded by the voice of one of the performers, the live band was actively keeping spirits high with their instruments.

What an amazing experience it was to be in the presence of all that talent and greatness. Grateful for the opportunity to be able to document the event. I could perceive the love and the sense of responsibility to each other from the artists. Big shout out to ShowDemcamp their team for putting on such an amazing show. 



Hey guys, Ayo here….I know you didn’t miss me. I didn’t miss you either so I guess we’re even.

Two of the biggest things I struggle with as an artist and as a person in general is consistency(or the lack of it) and being in a state of complacency. I know those are big words, so if you do not know their definitions, please look them up.

Complacency is a coin, It has two sides. I know people often attribute feeling complacent with being stagnant and not wanting more, but as much as that is true, complacency can also be viewed in a positive light. It can be viewed as stability, unwavering confidence in ones current level of talent and knowledge and satisfaction at that stage of life. You do not always have to be on the move, you do not need to always be thinking about the next step and going to the next stage. It is my strong believe that sometimes you just need to pause and enjoy your current state, enjoy that current situation or goal you worked hard to attain. Savor the moment. As an artist and a person I believe I have experienced both sides of this coin. The most important aspect of complacency is knowing on a personal level when to move and when to be still.

Consistency, my arch nemesis. Boy do I struggle with this a lot. It has always being difficult for me to incorporate consistency into my lifestyle, 2 seconds after starting something  and I do not see a result, I just abandon it.For example, I send one or two emails to the right person(s) with regards to my career and instead of doing it consistently, I just wait another 6months to email the next person. I need to be more consistent, not just in my creative process but in my general lifestyle. This is because I strongly believe that to be successful and to yield favorable results in regards to anything you’re doing, consistency is a key factor that you cannot replace.

While my words in the above paragraph about my lack of consistency is very true, Between mid July & Mid August this year, I challenged my self to go take a walk within a 4mile radius of my neighborhood and photograph a house with a car in the drive way. In the past I’ve never really cared for my iPhone camera, but making these images (which I’ve shared through this post) with my iPhone(x) and edited on vsco, gave me new appreciation for it as an extension of my tools as an artist.

Well thats all I have to say for now, hopefully you can learn one or two things from this piece. I’ll try my best not to go on another three months hiatus before sharing my thoughts with y’all again. Also someone tell Tim Cook to send me the new iPhone. Also Hire me and tell your bosses and companies to hire me. I live in London now but I am willing to travel as long as expenses are covered.  Thank you, God bless.



Kehinde W. Erinle my mother,  I received grace beyond the imaginations of men the day I came into this world through you. My mother is literarily the deity that connects me to God, the one who intercedes on my behalf. My guardian, my provider, my protector, my inspiration, my role model and the absolute love of my life. Is my mum my favorite person in the world? No because  it would be an insult to put her on the same plane as the rest of world. For me, my mother exists in a completely different plane and in that plane she is omni-everything.

My mum is so beautiful, her smile is heart warming and her aura is so soothing.

My mother has the biggest and kindest of hearts. She tries to love everybody, from immediate family members to a stranger she met on the side of the road at Ikotun market. The best part is she was probably at Ikotun market  trying to buy me a G-shock watch that I most likely would not wear lmao. Every-time someone does something nice for me, I attribute it to my mom. I believe I’m benefiting from the good seeds she has sown and the good deeds she has done. I’ve only spent little time with my mom in the last ten years and it hurts so much. I wish she was there in real time to guide me and watch me, because I know deep down if that was the case I’d definitely be a much better person than I am today. I still turned out okay sha so calm your titties people.

Every good moral  I have, every good hygiene I have, how I treat people, my approach to life and many other characteristics that have molded me into who I am today,  all started with a foundation laid by my precious mother. 

Even as I continue to grow, you have continued to pour into me and my prayer is that God rewards you, protects you, blesses you and grant you good health & long life to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Thank you mum for allowing me come into this world through you. Thank you mum for all your guidance, advice and prayers.

Thank you mum for always protecting me. Thank you for allowing me spend your money.

Thank you mum for always listening & making me feel loved. 

Thank you mum for existing, your presence in this world brings me peace.

Iya Tobi mo kira fun e. Orisha bi e o si.


- Ayomide

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