2022-10-17 15:23:25 UTC

    You’re now rocking with the SDC!, it’s the ShowDemCamp omo yes indeed!!  Palmwine music festival is a live music experience curated and headlined by the Rap duo of Tec & Ghost known as ShowDemCamp. It also boasts a start studded cast of artists whom they have featured on their legacy…

  2. C&C

    2022-09-19 12:05:25 UTC

    Hey guys, Ayo here….I know you didn’t miss me. I didn’t miss you either so I guess we’re even. Two of the biggest things I struggle with as an artist and as a person in general is consistency(or the lack of it) and being in a state of complacency. I…


    2022-05-16 11:57:53 UTC

    Kehinde W. Erinle my mother,  I received grace beyond the imaginations of men the day I came into this world through you. My mother is literarily the deity that connects me to God, the one who intercedes on my behalf. My guardian, my provider, my protector, my inspiration, my role…

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