1. B.O.B

    2022-04-11 11:34:52 UTC

    B.O.B - “Based on Believe” I’m just attempting to translate my feelings and experience into words. Believe is the ability to accept that something is true with or without proof. It is the act of having faith in ones self and the capabilities of ones abilities. One of the major…

  2. Black History(FUTURE) Month

    2022-02-28 12:48:23 UTC

    Black History month..hmmmm. Much like most of the things that concerns the African-American community and the black diaspora at large, I never knew that such a thing existed until I moved to the USA in 2012.  Fast forward few years later, at which point I had become slightly aware and…

  3. F*ck Love?

    2022-02-14 13:54:17 UTC

    Oh Valentine, the supposed official day for lovers to celebrate each other. Rubbish!!!!!(lol jk), It should be a public holiday honestly. It’s been four years since I last celebrated valentine with a partner(God have you forgotten your boy?), laughing but very serious. I think been able to love someone(people) in…

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