For most of us, When we think about the issues of weight loss/gain, body image, body dysmorphia, e.t.c our minds automatically associate it with the female gender. Over the years we’ve come to realize that men, (granted not at the same rate as women) also deal with these issues. Like a lot of other important issues, men tend to deal with it silently or from a nonchalant perspective.

I’m here to tell you boys and girls its okay to feel how you feel, it’s okay to go through the motions but do not let it consume you. You look good babygirl/boy, you’re a spec!

I myself have been through different phases with my body:  I’ve gained more weight than I’d like. I’ve looked like a Greek God in my opinion and I’ve thought I was too skinny. I can admit I haven’t taken all these phases in stride but I’ve always tried to not let it take a heavy toll on how i perceive myself. I know its easy to say , but honestly what really matters is your health and how you feel in your body. People with unsolicited opinions can kick rocks, eat a jean jacket or just zip it

I’ve gotten my ass in the gym for several reasons: To lose weight, because I was jealous (in a good way) of the gym bros, to stay fit, to look more attractive to women and my favorite to gas myself in the mirror. The most important thing though is that its always been my decision.

I know its summer time and theres pressure on us to look a certain way but trust me the worry is not worth your happiness. Don’t stress yourself physically, don’ t strain your mental health and please I beg you, do not let the internet make your decisions for you. Try your absolute best to love yourself and accept yourself  through out whatever phase your body might be in. Be kind to yourself.

Most importantly lets try to break the societal norms that have permitted us to allow weight play a factor in how much love, kindness, respect, empathy, and all that other good stuff  we show towards people.

   - ayosama

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